Our story begins in Sydney where we were living and working a few years ago. One weekend Matt's brother invited us for a camping trip down the south coast of NSW. The only items we packed were a $12 Kmart tent, a blow up mattress and pillows into Holly's Ford Fiesta. No food, or water - so its fair to say we have come a long way since then. 


You could say that is where our passion for camping started, and we started doing it more often. Matt was then given our now 20 year old Hilux from his parents and we realised the increase in our travelling ability with a four wheel drive.

We upgraded our camping gear, including a fridge and battery box and better tent to our set up. Weekends came and weekends past and we camped whenever we could. After every camping trip as we pulled onto the highway to head back to the city, we would say 'what if we could just keep going'?

One day Matt said this, he meant it and I (Holly) suggested the Big Lap of Australia. We set a date, and in 18 months time we sold off all our belongings and hit the road.

Matt has always had a passion for photography, so we merged this passion to videography and had decided wanted to try and document our trip. We didn't care if it was only our parents who were going to watch it, its something we had set out to do from the start. And this was the birth of Overland Travellers. 

Our aim has been to show people that your average joes, like us, can live the dream of life on the road. 

& Then we decided to bring another dream to life. Owning a HJ47 Troop Carrier.

It was 9 months into our big lap that we decided to fly across the country, that we had just driven around (the long way), and buy a 40 year old Land Cruiser Troopy.  This was an adventure in itself, we worked on the car in Perth for a week, took a week to drive it back across the country and have started a full restoration so we can turn this car into a touring rig. 

That is where we are up to now, and we are very excited for what the future will bring us and our beloved troopy, Elsie.