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Red Roads Campwell Compact Chair

So, you’ve been packing the car for a weekend camping trip and in no time at all, the car is absolutely packed to the rafters. If this is you, you might want to consider the Red Roads Campwell Compact Chairs.

My girlfriend Holly and I have been travelling around Australia full time for the past twelve months, and from first hand experience we can safely say that these chairs are an item everyone should have in their camp set up.

You might have seen a few ultra compact, lightweight camp chairs pop up on the market lately. But with so many to choose from which one should you pick? Today, I’m going to tell you what Red Roads has to offer in the Campwell Compact Chair.

Red Roads have two lightweight and compact chairs on the market, the first being a low back and the second a high back. We have tested both and personally prefer the low back, just because we found these slightly more comfortable. As to why, we can’t really put our finger on it except for personal preference.

The biggest benefit of these kind of chairs is obvious immediately in its size. They are so much smallerthan the traditional camp chair, saving not only room in the back of your car but also weight - and if you have a keen eye on your fuel consumption or prefer to hit the hard four wheel drive tracks, then you’ll know that weight matters. Weighing in at only 2.2kilos for the low back and 3 kilos for the high back. The ‘standard’ bigger and bulkier camp chairs can weigh anywhere from double that to four times the amount. But don’t be put off because they weigh next to nothing, they can still hold a capacity of 140kgs which has been tested in real life situations.

Now you might be asking ‘what makes these chairs stand out from other compact chairs on the market?’

These chairs are made with a strong steel frame with shock cord. The shock cord is replaceable, so if through wear and tear it breaks, you can unscrew the ends and put some fresh cord in, which will extend the life of your chair. It’s amazing how many companies don’t make their camp items easily repairable.

The fabric is a strong 1200D durable fabric. It has a detachable drink and phone holder which other compact chairs on the market seem to lack. The chairs also sit at a similar height to a regular chair, which boosts comfort and doesn’t make it awkward when eating at a table. It doesn’t have arm rests which might put some people off, but once you get use to it, you will forget they weren’t there to start with.

The chairs also have a ‘footprint’ which is sold separately. This essentially is a ground mat which has tabs so the four feet on the legs can slide in, preventing the legs sinking into the ground. The thin legs on these chairs have the tendency to dig in if the soil is soft and is really apparent on sand. The carry bag the chairs come in also have enough room to fit the footprint in it as well. From personal use we would definitely recommend these with the chair.

So.... The big question! What is it actually like to sit in?

These chairs have a really nice stable, supportive frame. A few other compact chairs from different brands we have used in the past, suffer in regards to stability. Red Roads chairs are very stable not once have we felt like it’s going to tip over. The chairs are really easy toget in and out off, no slouching so could suit people with bad backs or who find traditional camp chairs hard to get in and out of.

The Campwell Compact chairs range from $135 - $155, with the Footprint costing an additional $20. This pricing is mid range for these kind of chairs, but the build quality is first class. With all the weight bearing components being steel, the shock cord is easily replaceable, very comfortable to sit in and of course its super small and light weight form factor, this chair will save you space and last many years.

You can grab one from, and if you put our unique code in “OLT” you will receive a further $10 off the chair or anything else from a247’s website.

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